New Year New Beginnings

Dear friends, family and customers we love like friends and family,

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a rest filled break! January has always meant a good clean up, a store refresh and the beginning of spring flowers. It's one of our favourite times of year, a reset button and a time to look and plan for the year ahead! This January is even more of a reset button as we move into 2018 and prepare to run Fleurish under one roof. Please read below a letter from Jaime and we will see you all at our Lakeview location!

When I first purchased Lakeview Flowers 5 years ago it was my dream to have 4-5 flower shops and create some type of Fleurish flowershop empire! I had big dreams and plans for huge success. I listened to endless podcasts and read more books about entrepreneurs growing their business then I could count! I was convinced that bigger was better and multiple storefronts was what success looked like.  

Two years ago I opened our second location and was on the way to achieving this dream! It was so exciting and fun but I was no longer designing flowers or involved in the every day lives of my customers, I never saw my favourite people and missed out on being in the store. I was all over the place and nowhere all at once. I quickly realized that this was not the life I wanted. It was also not what success looked like for me as a person, a mom and a wife.

I thought I wanted big but in reality I want a simple life – I want to be in the shop designing flowers for birthdays, weddings, get-wells and all of the other ups and downs that life brings. I want to be part of the excitement, joy and even sadness and grief that is the everyday. I want to walk alongside my customers as they go through the major events in their lives. I also want to work alongside my incredible staff and create with them.

It is these feelings and realizations about who I am as a person, a leader and a business owner and what I want from my life that have lead to the decision to close our Parkdale location as of January 1st. I have some sadness but mostly excitement as we will continue to grow Fleurish under one roof. We have so many exciting things planned for this coming year that I can’t wait to share. I am also so excited that closing Parkdale allows our friends at Doodledogs to grow and expand their business!

Thank you so much for all of your support and love of Fleurish! If you live in the NW please come visit us on the other side of the river – we are only 7 minutes away from Parkdale in Lakeview! You can also order your flowers from our new lovely online store!